Local Kids with Autism Need Your Help!

Every morning, children at the Ave Maria Preparatory School in Myakka City take yoga as their first period class.  While having yoga instruction at school is unusual on its own, what makes this program even more remarkable is that the kids at Ave Maria are all special needs children, and yoga is having a positive impact on the rest of their school day.


The yoga instructors of Karma Yoga Outreach Inc. who teach at Ave Maria have advanced certification in teaching yoga to children with special needs. This certification, Every Kids Yoga, is specifically designed to integrate the practice of yoga to parallel and support other therapeutic modalities in addressing difficulties with attention, self-regulation, speech and language, learning, and high and low muscle tone. The yoga teachers’ certification is geared specifically towards children with diagnosis that include High Functioning Autism/ Aspergers Syndrome, Sensory Processing Dysfunction, Learning Disabled and ADHD.

Now in its second school year, this program is currently serving all 65 children ages 6 through 22 enrolled at Ave Maria Preparatory School. Since its inception in November of 2014, the program has had notable results. The academic faculty has noted that the children are noticeably calmer and less easily over-stimulated, less impulsive and distractible, more skillful at behaving within social boundaries, less disruptive or oppositional, better able to focus and more agile and able to engage their bodies more skillfully. Academic performance has shown marked improvement overall. Several faculty members have expressed their enthusiasm for how especially responsive and bright their children are in class after they have had yoga that morning. We are the only organization of yoga professionals in our community to offer this special service.

Karma Yoga Outreach, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non- profit organization, which depends entirely on donations and grants. Our current funding will expire on February 12, 2016. It is our fervent wish to continue the program to the end of the school year so that these beautiful children can continue to flourish.

To extend the program to the beginning of Easter vacation will require only $1950. To extend the program all the way to the end of the school year will require only $4800.

Please make a donation today. Any amount will help support these beautiful and special children and the continuation of the transformative healing benefits of yoga for them.

We thank you for making a positive impact on these very special young lives!

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